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3 weeks ago
Experts Test AIT’s Flood Risk Assessment System

(UEM in the news)


Conventional flood risk assessments often focus only on climate change impacts and do not consider projected urban growth. Through the U.S....

2 months ago
2018 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School | ProSPER.Net

(Short-term study/training in Japan)

2018 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School ‘Sustainable Urban Development for the World’s Megacities’ (4-11 March, 2018) is now open for applications. ... See more

— 2018 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School PDF Download 2018 ProSPER.Net Young Researchers’ School Sustainable Urban Development for the World’s Megacities The United Nations University ... See more

2 months ago
TU Delft Planning and Design with Water

(Shared by UEM alumna Ai Nhi Truong)

Announcement on Summer School at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) from 16 to 27 JULY 2018.


Planning for a Sustainable Urban Future

Urban Environmental Management (UEM) responds to the need to examine urban growth and environmental problems from the management and planning perspectives to contribute to the sustainable, inclusive and resilient city development. The core goals and objectives are understanding dynamics of urban regions and developing effective interventions using various decision support systems and instruments in multi-stakeholder settings.

Why study this course

Urban Environmental Management academic program is well-regarded internationally by donor agencies, governments, and private sector organizations and companies. The program is taught by multi-disciplinary faculty in small-group settings to work closely with students and address individual interests and concerns. With its long history of over 30 years of teaching students from across the world, recent students have come from 20+ different countries and a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds.
Study with us to benefit from:
  • - Expertise in key issues and skills in urban planning and environmental assessment & management

  • - Various internship and fieldwork opportunities in Asian developing countries

  • - Strong support in study and English language skills in our vibrant, international, and welcoming community

  • - Student exchange programs through our top-tier international university network

For whom is the course relevant?

Not only for fresh university graduate, but also academically oriented professional who is active in urban environmental planning and management belongs to the target group, for example town and district planners, land policy officers, infrastructure and transport engineers and environmental planners. The course is also highly relevant for staff at universities and non-governmental organizations in the field of urban planning and environmental management.

Preferred Student Background: Master’s program

Undergraduate degree in architecture, civil and environmental engineering, economics, geography, law, natural science, public administration, sociology, or urban and regional planning...

Preferred Student Background: Doctoral program

Master’s degree in a field relevant to Urban Environmental Management, preferably with two years of relevant professional experience. Detailed dissertation research outline must be submitted with application.

Faculty and staff

Dr. Vilas Nitivattananon

Associate Professor: Management of Urban Infrastructure and Services, Waste Recycling and Systems

Dr. Sohee Minsun Kim

Assistant Professor: Risk-sensitive Urban Planning, Urban-Rural Land Use Management Policy

Dr. L. A .S. Ranjith Perera

Adjunct Faculty: Architecture and Environmental Design, Housing and Planning

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